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Services and Solutions
  • Network Support and Remote Support

  • CIS IT Systems offers very accommodating options rather than employing a full time employee with minimal costs. Our remote access facility means that you do not  have to wait for an onsite visit by an engineer to fix a problem. If in special cases the problem cannot be fixed remotely, we will send an engineer within 24 hours.
  • Server Maintenance

  • We maintain servers with expertise including the following: proficient in, AD Optimization, Group Policies, Login Script Creation/Maintenance, AV updates, Hotfix Deployment, RAID configuration, File Shadowing (Windows 2003  2008 server only) etc.

  • Workstation Maintenance

  • To have your workplace working in harmony, you will find the necessity of standardising all workstations. CIS IT Systems can configure your systems so that operating and support costs can be reduced and business activities thus quicker to finish. It is also possible to give and take liberties between your departments. That is, you will be able to choose who has access to what in your systems as well as in the internet.

  • Mail Server Support / Maintenance

  • Email and Mail servers are necessities within your business. there are the possiblities of quotas for users that make sure email privileges are not taken advantage of. Our helpful engineering team will be able to go through and help design a tailored solution for your business.

  • IT HelpDesk Services

  • With just a quick phone call, you are able to contact one of our support engineers to walk you though any problems.

  • Repairs

  • On site computer repair:
  • If you're in the West Midlands area, one of our fully equipped technical support vehicles can come to your office with the hardware and software to solve nearly any computer or network problem. 

  • In shop computer repair:
  • If repairs cannot be fixed on site, we can make arrangements to carry out the repair at our workshop. Our advanced, fully staffed lab will quickly and inexpensively resolve nearly any hardware or software problem. Then if you like we can bring it back and install it right back in place - what could be more convenient?

  • Computer virus removal: If your computer is running slow, or just doesn't seem to work like it used to, viruses or spyware may be the cause. Our engineers are experts in the removal and prevention of all types of viruses and spyware. Whether you need to protect one PC or an entire corporate network, give us a call and we'll have everything under control in no time.

    Our Approach

  • At CIS IT Systems, our team is trained in the latest web technologies, and use the latest tools to ensure that your solution is the very best for your business. We all share a passion for technology, and our passion can be seen throughout our work.  

    Complete with solution architects, senior developers and a graphic design department, we are well equipped to deliver on your business needs.  All our consultants realise that no two organisations are the same, and that everyone needs harmony in their business environment. Today, the technology you use reflects on your activities both internal and external. CIS IT Systems can help your business keep above its competitors by providing tailored solutions.   

  • IT Strategic Planning and Business Solutions

  • Whether you are updating your networks or increasing your business capacity, our helpful consultants can work with you and your management team to strategically transition your IT structure in order to avoid any business interruptions.
    From business and IT consulting to process improvement and implementation, our consulting services bring you the best practices, technologies and business models that help you quickly adapt and exploit new opportunities to improve the way your business gets done. We work with you to identify the important business processes that run through your organisation, and into other organisations in your collaboration network.
    We look at your immediate, medium and long term business goals and design a solution to enhance growth. A full review of your current systems are evaluated and set within business budgets.

  • Network Reviews / Audits

  • The Review begins with a dialog between our Network Consultant and a person at your firm who typically makes decisions regarding business strategies. From this conversation, we will gain an understanding of your company's goals for the next year (or 2, or 3).

    Next, a certified Engineer will visit your site and record information about your network and its environment, using a variety of tools. The Engineer will also speak to several of your network's "power users" to find out their impressions and/or concerns with regards to the network's performance.

    Then, the Engineer will work with the Network Consultant to discuss the Engineer's findings, and how the network might need to change to meet your company's stated goals and expected growth into the future. These findings, and the recommendations are summarised in a report which is delivered to you.

    If your network is complex, you may need more complete documentation and deeper analysis. For this, we would recommend a Network Audit.

    The Audit begins with a detailed interview with the business decision maker- (short medium and long term).

    As with a network review , a certified Engineer will visit your site and record information about your network and its environment. Screen shots of all your network software and hardware configurations will be compiled, and neatly arranged in a binder. Again, the Engineer will work with the Network Consultant to discuss the Engineer's findings, and how the network might need to change to meet your company's stated goals and expected growth into the future.

    Our recommendations will be in an Executive Report which is delivered to you, along with the Audit binder, during a meeting where we will review the Audit, its findings, and those recommendations with your key personnel. The Network Audit will provide your company with an effective IT "roadmap" for your company's future.

  • IT Security Reviews / Audits

  • Your computers contain valuable information, for example customer records, credit card numbers, accounting data and email. Something as simple as an employee accident can cause disastrous results. Letting this information fall into the wrong hands would be devastating to your customers and your business. Our network security and computer security solutions prevent viruses, detect and remove spyware, keep out hackers, and safeguard your valuable data.

    CIS IT Systemss' Security Review will give you an idea of how your network is positioned against these threats. In addition to obvious measures like Anti-Virus software and firewalls, there's a number of other things, including your corporate culture that can make you vulnerable to attack from outside, or inside your network.

    The Security Review begins with an questionnaire, from which we will determine the areas where you are particularly vulnerable, and gain an idea of your firm's tolerance to these risks. We will then use a variety of tools to probe your network for weaknesses.

    From the information we gather, we will create a report that summarises your network's state with regards to security and make recommendations to improve the areas where we see troublesome vulnerabilities, and also suggest policies and procedures to keep the network secure in the coming months.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • The only secure way to recover data is if processes are already in place and have been adequatly tested. CIS IT Systems can create a brand new plan for you and thoroughly review your current one.

  • Other Consulting Services

  • We have hundreds of combined person-years in planning, implementing and supporting business technology and information systems. If you need to organize and manage customer information, products and services, field personnel, invoicing, payroll or any other area, we'll find and implement the right solution for your business. 
  • Hosting Services

  • Our clients enjoy a specific hosting package that suits their needs.
    As our customer websites grow, we automatically transition their hosting to the next level. This saves our clients money in terms of excess bandwidth, use and speed. Contact us for our hosting packages and more information.

  • WebSite Design / Development

  • All businesses need a professional website. In the past, these type of website ahve been very expensive, CIS IT Systems can guide you to ways to get a website design done without going over your budget.

  • WebSite Maintenance

  • After developing your website, you need to make sure that all information is up to date and correct. CIS IT Systems can routinely make sure that you business keeps on top of this.

  • Custom Web solutions

  • Web Applications are websites that are more than just online brochures; they act as tools for connecting members online, and are well-suited for member associations, organizations, and other business entities where members can benefit from online interaction.

    By using databases, these dynamic websites bring the power of software applications online.

    CIS IT Systems provides avenues in building custom web applications that complement the way your organisation does business. There is no need to worry about learning software that doesn't quite do everything you need it to. We endeavor to address the specific needs of your organisation, and can be used by any computer with an internet connection: Mac, PC or Linux. 

  • eCommerce Solutions

  • CIS IT Systems provides a tailored solution that is built to meet your business' specific requirements. Using our dedicated procedures we analyse, design, develope and deliver to make sure that your solution is perfect for your business.

  • Online Shopping Cart facility: This provides an efficient way of keeping customer order details
    throughout the consumer’s online shopping activities.
  • Online Authentication facility : This facility authenticates users to access a secure area’s of a particular site. Online Catalogue facility: provides a user friendly way of looking at large inventory listings.
  • Online Statistics facility: provides statistics on specific data needed for future decision making.
  • Online Payment facility:.This allows the secure collection and transmition of credit information to online merchants.
  • Online Inventory: presents inventory stock levels with a user friendly interface at any given time in order to be manage

  • Intranet & Extranet design

  • Your intranet and your website are two different information spaces. They should look different in order to let employees know when they are on the internal net and when they have ventured out to the public site. Different looks will emphasize the sense of place and thus facilitate navigation. Also, making the two information spaces feel different will facilitate an understanding of when an employee is seeing information that can be freely shared with the outside and when the information is internal and confidential.

    An intranet design should be much more task-oriented and less promotional than an Internet design. A company should only have a single intranet design, so users only have to learn it once. Therefore it is acceptable to use a much larger number of options and features on an intranet since users will not feel intimidated and overwhelmed as they would on the open Internet where people move rapidly between sites.

    An extranet is a special set of pages that are made available to selected business partners such that they can directly access computational resources inside your company. Typical examples include allowing customers to check on the status of their orders (e.g., when will my urgent order ship? did you or did you not receive our payment?) and allowing approved vendors to look at requests for proposals.

    The extranet is a blend of the public Internet and the closed intranet and needs to be designed as such. Fundamentally, an extranet is a part of the Internet since it is accessed by people in many different companies who will be using your public website but will not have access to the truly internal parts of your intranet. Therefore, the visual style and main navigation options of the extranet should be visibly similar to the design of your Internet site: your business partners should feel that the two sites come from the same company. A subtle difference in the two styles (e.g., complimentary color tones) will help emphasize the closed and confidential nature of the extranet.

    It will often be reasonable to have links from extranet pages to pages on the public website, but you should not have links that point to your private intranet since your business partners will not be able to follow such links.

  • Intranet & Extranet implementation

  • CIS IT Systems can provide a road map to help your business implement a new intranet and extranet. This process analyses existing PCs and servers, the software needed and considers licensing conditions. Our expert technicians and engineers will then set up the systems and manage them once up and running.

  • Intranet & Extranet maintenance & support solutions

  • An intranet and extranet site is not a "fire and forget" enterprise. CIS IT Systems helps the mdecision makers of your organisation with the planning of the sites and continues to implementation and maintenance.

    These processes include coordinating the roles and responsibilities of the people involved, developing common standards, setting appropriate goals and objectives, and defining the maintenance practices that will be used. If there is no maintenance of these sites, they can be a waste of valuale tools such as trainings and connections with company 3rd parties.
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