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CIS IT Systems offers a wide range of hardware and software building blocks for integration into high performance, wired and wireless communications solutions.

Wired Communication Solutions

We can design, install and service systems to meet all of your needs.  From public address systems, interoffice communications systems, to emergency communications systems, we will fit your needs.  

Through market competitiveness in legacy ISDN and carrier technologies to cutting edge broadband technologies, CIS IT Systems utilizes its unique combination of expertise to bring its customers the most advanced solutions.
Wireless Communication Solutions

CIS IT Systems can maximise your business's output through one of our wireless communication's solutions by linking the speed, scope and productivity of business. The security of data is protected and thus workflows are maintained. Harmony of output is achieved through simplification of systems and the flow of mission critical activities are enhanced.
The idea of a businesses VoIP system is to have a self-maintaining network of users, who can communicate with each other by voice just as they would communicate using an instant messenger.

  • The VoIP gadget is a device that connects and translates the Internet and a regulation phone line. A user makes a local phone call or a VoIP call to the gateway, which then transfers the call over the Internet to a second gateway which dumps it back onto the regular phone system at that location.

In this way, long distance charges can be circumvented, and regular phones used to call computer systems and vice versa. 

CIS IT Systems can offer a VoIP for the enhancement of its customer's businesses.  

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